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Nolwenn Leroy émue par l’histoire tragique d’un talent de The Voice Kids


Dramatic Story of Maxence

On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, the blind auditions for the 9th season of The Voice Kids came to an end. One of the last children to try his luck this year was Maxence from Isère. At the age of 12 and in 5th grade, he has already experienced a terrible tragedy, as he revealed in his portrait. « I started singing after the death of my sister in 2015. It was a way for me to escape, to tell myself that she was still there and that it was just a dream. And now, music comforts me every day, » he said before performing Nantes by Barbara on stage. It was a truly beautiful moment.

A Touching Moment for Nolwenn Leroy

Since her team was already full, Slimane was unable to turn his chair for Maxence. « You wanted to tell your story through your song, and I really respect artists like that, » said the coach, moved. However, Nolwenn Leroy did not hesitate to welcome Maxence into her team and accompanied him backstage, where he was congratulated by his parents. Nikos Aliagas then encouraged him to explain his choice of song to the singer, who was deeply moved. « Thank you for sharing your story with me. We will continue to sing it, your story, » she whispered to him, her voice choked with emotion, as she hugged him. Back on her chair, Nolwenn Leroy had a hard time recovering from this intense moment. After taking a deep breath, she shared Maxence’s story with the other coaches: « It was overwhelming… He’s a little boy who lost his sister at the age of five, and you can sense that he has a history. And without even knowing it, without him telling us (…), we felt it, and it touched us. »

An Emotional Journey on The Voice Kids

This episode of The Voice Kids was filled with emotions as Nolwenn Leroy was deeply moved by the heartbreaking story of Maxence. The young boy’s passion for music and his determination to honor the memory of his sister through his singing touched the hearts of both the coaches and the audience. This emotional moment reminds us of the power of music to heal and bring comfort to those who have experienced loss and tragedy.

The Voice Kids continues to showcase the incredible talent and resilience of young singers, proving that age is not a barrier when it comes to pursuing one’s dreams. Maxence’s journey on the show is a testament to his strength and his ability to use music as a source of healing. We look forward to seeing how he continues to shine on his path in the competition.

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